Tutorial: How to use Test Mode in your promotion

Before launching a promotion, it's important to make sure that the promotion shows and works correctly. To do so, all promotions include the tool "Test Mode" which allows the administrator to carry out real tests of the promotion. This means that they can participate in the promotion just like the participants will do once the promotion is activated, and test that the promotion works as expected. That way, they can make changes to the promotion if necessary before launching.

After testing and disabling the Test Mode, the system will automatically delete all the test data and reset the promotion so it's ready for launch.


Below, we will go through the features of the Test Mode tool as Q&As.

When and in which applications is Test Mode available?

The "Test Mode" tool is available in all types of applications, and is available only while the promotion is in draft mode.

Note: Test Mode is not available in the app "Entry Form Giveaway" in Basic version, nor in the Giveaways.


How can I access Test Mode?

When the promotion is still in draft mode, the option "Enable test mode" will appear on the management page of the promotion, underneath the "Activate Promotion" button.


When you click on it, the management page of the promotionwill show a message in a red box that indicates that the status of the promotion has been changed and that you're seing Test Mode.



When the Test Mode is enabled, you can access it just by opening the URL of the promotion:



Note: In Test Mode, it simulates that the promotion is already open even though the dates are set to later, in order to be able to test all the features as if it was the live promotion.


What do I need to take into account when I want to activate the promotion?

Once the promotion has been activated, it is not possible to acces Test Mode. In order to activate the promotion, Test Mode must be disabled:

When Test Mode is disabled, the system automatically deletes all the actions and records done when testing the promotion, like:

  • Participant records
  • Votes
  • Sent emails
  • Assigned prizes


Who has access to the Test Mode?

To be able to access the Test Mode of the promotion, the user must have permission to access the promotion and be logged in to the Easypromos panel. In this case, when you open the URL of the promotion, it will open with a tag that indicates that it's in Test Mode.


If the user is not logged in to the Easypromos control panel or doesn't have permissions to access the promotion, when they open the URL they will see a white screen with a message saying that they're trying to access Test Mode of a promotion they don't have permissions to.



Which features can be tested?

Test Mode allows to test real participation in the promotion and it's possible to test the following features:

  • Complete registration process including: fill in registration form, answer quiz questions, play a game.
  • Upload images in the registration form, and also video files (with the Video Hosting extension).
  • Vote in a contest with voting enabled.
  • Send emails through the Email Platform.
  • Assign prizes of the type "On participating", "Spinning the wheel" and "Instant Win".
  • Multi-participation in the promotions that have the login system activated.


Which features can't be tested?

Test Mode does not allow to test the following features:

  • Share the promotion.
  • Dropbox synchronization of the photos/videos in the contest.
  • Mention + Hashtag monitoring.
  • Validation portal to validate codes given in the promotion.
  • Prize assignment through random draw.
  • Autologin API
  • Zapier integration


Is it possible to use Test Mode to try the user experience on a mobile device?

Yes, the administrators can access Test Mode from their mobile device to test the user experience. To do so, they need to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Easypromos control panel on the mobile device.
  2. Access the promotion and make sure Test Mode is enabled.
  3. Once it's enabled, they can open the link to the promotion in the internet browser of the mobile.



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