2020-06-02 - New "Test Mode" tool substitutes "Preview"

With the objective of helping the promotion administrators in setting up their campaigns, we've developed a new tool to make real tests in the promotion. The tool is called "Test Mode" and it allows the administrators to access the promotion for testing before activating it to try the user experience of participating in the promotion. This way, the administrator can test different features like: registration, spin the wheel, sending of emails, voting process, etc.

All promotions in draft mode now has the option of "Enable test mode" to access the new tool:


When the Test Mode is enabled, you can access it just by opening the URL of the promotion. Here you will see the real promotion but in Test Mode.


When the administrator is done testing, they can disable the Test Mode and the system will automatically delete all the test data and reset the promotion so it's ready for launch. 

Check this tutorial to see how the Test Mode works, in which kind of applications it's available, which features can be tested and which options are not supported in test mode.


The Test Mode tool has been developed to substitute the Preview tool which only allows checking the promotion design and graphics, but has the limitation that it doesn't allow to register real data. Now, with the new Test Mode, the promotion administrators can experience exactly what their campaigns look like and how they work to make sure that all details are in place before communicating the promotion.

The Preview tool will be available until January 2021, when it will be permanently deleted from the system. The access to the Preview tool has been relocated to the Publish menu:



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