2020-07-07 - New integration: Synchronization of the promotion database with Selligent Marketing Cloud

From July 7, 2020, the promotion administrators have a new integration available: integration with the external platform Selligent Marketing Cloud, a marketing automation tool that allows brands to communicate with their consumers through any communication channel.

The integration with Selligent makes it possible to easily import the users from a promotion to a Selligent lead list, which allows brands to increase their database to carry out subsequent marketing actions.

Once the Selligent integration has been set up, the application will automatically synchronize and import the email addresses of the users as they register in the promotion. To make it more useful, the integration allows you to link the fields of the registration form of the promotion with the fields of the Selligent list. Furthermore, the integration gives the option of conditioning the import to the Selligent list to a checkbox in the registration form (for example, the checkbox that asks the users for consent to receive newsletters).


Note: The Selligent Integration is only available for clients with a White Label or Corporate plan.


Check the tutorial about how the synchronize the promotion database with Selligent Marketing Cloud.

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