Why Instagram personal profiles can't import more than 150 comments?

For Instagram posts published on personal profiles, the official API from Instagram has to be used to import the comments. However, this API is limited and is only capable of returning the most recent comments on a post, which may vary between 100 and 150 comments. Therefore, if you have an Instagram Personal Profile and your post has more than 150 comments, it’s not possible to import all of the comments. The Easypromos application will let you run a sweepstakes among the imported comments but take into account that the certificate of validity will show as finalists the number of imported comments, not the real number of comments in Instagram.


There is an alternative!
In order to obtain all the comments of an Instagram post we recommend you to switch your Instagram personal profile to a business profile, as in this case, the official API from Facebook will be used to import the comments of an Instagram post. The Facebook API has no limitations and therefore allows to obtain all the comments. Learn how to convert your Instagram profile to a business profile.

Once you have switched your Instagram profile to a business profile, we can easily obtain all the comments. Follow these steps:

  1. Delete the sweepstakes that you've already created in your Easypromos control panel.
  2. Create a new Instagram sweepstakes and connect with Facebook in Step 1 to connect with your Instagram business profile.
  3. The platform will import all the comments and show them in a list where you can apply exclusions, insert the number of winners and alternate winners you want to select and finish the sweepstakes. Follow the step-by-step tutorial to perform the sweepstakes and pick your winners.
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