How does the system to import comments from a post on Instagram work?

To be able to import the comments on a post on Instagram, the official API from Instagram has to be used. However, this API is limited and is only capable of returning the most recent comments on a post. The number of recent comments that Instagram returns to the apps may vary between 50 and 100 comments.

The way to obtain all the comments on a post on Instagram is to monitor the post from the moment it’s created and import every new comment in real-time.

Easypromos offers the tool to do this:

  • For Free: You can run a sweepstakes up to 100 comments on a post.
  • With Basic Subscription ($29/month): Sweepstakes with more than 100 comments on a post. You can monitor the new comments on a post in real-time while the sweepstakes is running.


Here we will answer the most frequently asked questions regarding Instagram sweepstakes among comments:


Why do I have less imported comments than the number of comments that I see in Instagram?

This is because Instagram only informs the applications about the most recent comments on a post. It doesn’t send all. The number of the most recent comments can vary between 50 and 100 comments.

The solution to this is to enable monitoring of the comments at the time of creating the post on Instagram which allows real-time import of all new comments.


What can I do to make sure all comments on a post are imported?

Easypromos offers a system that monitors all new comments on a post in real-time and that imports them automatically to the sweepstakes. This way it’s possible to obtain all comments from a post.

To do this, two conditions have to be met:

  1. The user has to have an active Easypromos subscription. Monthly Basic Subscription from 29€/month. More information
  2. At the time of creating the post on Instagram, the user should access the Easypromos control panel and activate the real-time monitoring system for the post.


How long can the real-time monitoring system be active?

As long as you wish. The only condition is that you have to maintain the subscription active the whole time.


I have a post with more comments than what’s been imported and I didn’t activate the real-time monitoring system. What can I do?

The applications have to connect to Instagram to import the comments from a post. Instagram only returns the most recent comments and that’s why, if Instagram doesn’t return all the comments on your post, it’s not possible to import all of the comment. The Easypromos application will let you run a sweepstakes among the imported comments, but take into account that the certificate of validity will show as finalistas the number of imported comments, not the real number of comments in Instagram.

Our recommendation for future sweepstakes is that you access the Easypromos control panel upon creating the post and activate the real-time monitoring system to import all of the comments to your sweepstakes.

If you have time time to kill, there’s another solution! Keep reading…

For the current sweepstakes, you can go to, copy all the comments manually into an Excel sheet and then use the Pick-a-winner app that allows you to select a winner randomly and with Certificate of validity from an Excel file that you upload to the platform.


I’ve stopped the real-time monitoring of my post but I want to prolong the participation period of the sweepstakes. Can I re-activate the monitoring system?

Yes, while you have an active subscription, you can activate and stop the monitoring system whenever you want.

Keep in mind that if during the time that the system has been stopped there’s been more than 100 new comments, all of them may not be imported. When you re-activate the monitoring it will be attempted to import the most recent comments.


Can I run a sweepstakes among the users who have liked my post and exclude those who haven’t?

No, that’s not possible. We consider that the Like-action on Instagram doesn’t necessarily imply a conscious action to participate from the user given that the Like can be given just by clicking on a photo on Instagram. On the other hand, we consider that commenting on a post does imply a voluntary and conscious action from the user to participate.

Did you know that with comments and mentions you can achieve a greater reach and engagement than with likes? Did you know that you can exclude users from entering the final sweepstakes based on the number of mentions in their comment? Read the rules for exclusion and make the most of your Instagram Sweepstakes.

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