Email Platform - How can I validate participants’ email addresses?

To validate the email addresses of participants you can use the application’s Email Platform. Follow these steps to configure this option:



Configure the validation email

1. Access the administration page of the promotion and click on "Editor."


2. Go to Pages > Entry form > Form fields and follow these steps:

  • Click on 'New field' and select 'Email field'. If you already have the Email field enabled, you can move on to the next step.


  • In the Email field, you will find a red box. Click on 'Create a validation email':


This option will automatically generate an email preconfigured to request that the user validate the email address they provided when signing up for the promotion. The settings of this validation email will open in a new browser tab.

From this moment on, this section of the editing form will look like this and this type of email can only be eliminated from here:

Save the changes before leaving the "Editor". 


3. Access the Emails Platform from the browser that has opened, or from the administration page of the promotion.


4. Customize the validation email. You will be presented with a list and you can see the email validation message that you have created by default. Click on the title or the pencil icon to edit it.

5. Fill in the fields as outlined in this guide:

  • From name: Enter the company or brand name, or the name of the promotion.
  • Email type: This option is preconfigured and cannot be changed because the email has been created specifically to be sent as soon as the user signs up.
  • Subject: finish by customizing the email subject that users will see upon receiving the email. We suggest you use the subject to make reference to the user’s need to validate their email address, but you can also enter the title of the promotion here.
  • Body: finish configuring the validation message. By default, the message already carries the smart tag for generating the email validation link.
  • Attach documents if you need to


5. Click "Update" to save the changes.

6. Write the message that the participant will receive upon validation. Go to "Settings" and fill in the following fields:

  • From: complete this field if you want all the emails that you create to have the same sender. The email address of the sender can't be customized and it will be (for Basic and Premium promotions) and (for White Label promotions).
  • Email signature: fill in the field with the name and data that you want to feature at the end of the email as a signature.
  • Header image: upload an image to customize your email even further. Optional. (600px wide x 100px high)
  • Footer image: upload an image to customize the email footer. Optional. (600px wide x 80px high)
  • Correct validation text: when participants receive the email to validate their email addresses, they must follow the link generated with the "smart tag" <validate_email>. Here they will see a screen with the text that you have entered in this field.

8. Save changes. 


Activate and test the validation email

1. Once you have configured the email validation message, access the “Emails” list:

2. Click on "Send test email" if you want to check how the email will look to participants.

3. Activate the automatic sending of the validation email by swiping the button so it turns green.

4. If you’d like to modify the email, click on the name or pencil to access the configuration again.


How will the validation email be presented to the participant and what steps should be taken to validate it?

When the validation email is activated and a user registers for the promotion, he or she will be informed that a validation email will be sent to his or her inbox:


When the registration is finalised, the user receives the configured validation message in his or her inbox:


Upon receiving this email, the participant must click on the link that the application has generated via the smart tag {{validate_email}}. This link will take the user to a screen displaying the “Correct validation text” as defined in “Options.”



What information does the administrator have about validated participants and what actions can be carried out with this information?


Find out validation status

When a participant receives and accepts the validation email, the administrator can find out by checking the “View entries” screen of the promotion administration page.


Unpublish non-validated participants

The administrator can also set the promotion up to automatically unpublish participations of users who have not validated their email addresses. To do this, the administrator should activate this option from “See participants” by clicking on the corresponding icon:


Synchronize validated participants with Mailchimp

If the promotion has email validation activated and you want to synchronize the list of users with Mailchimp, only information about validated participants will be imported to this email manager.


Send emails as soon as an email address is validated

Once participants have validated their email address, you can send them an email thanking them for their action. You can also take this opportunity to send them a coupon, information etc.


Send emails segmented according to their validation status

If email validation is activated, one of the filters for sending emails is “validated”, which permits you to create emails specifically for participants who have already validated their email address, as well as preparing email reminders for those who haven’t yet done so.


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