How to Create Your Post from the Easypromos Panel

If you haven’t created the Facebook post announcing your contest yet, don’t worry. With this tool you can configure it without needing to go to your Page.

Follow these steps to create and publish your post:


Step 1. Configure the post to fit your needs

From the Post Creation Screen you can configure the following:

  • Post text: You are provided with a model for the post. Just fill in the fields between brackets.
  • Image: You can upload an image from your computer or choose one of the ten free templates provided.
  • Predefined image: You can also modify the text that will appear on top of the image.
  • Caption included on the image: If you use one of the predefined images, you can insert a caption on it.


RECOMMENDATION: We provide you a template with a predefined text that complies with the good practices to publish the post of a giveaway. However, take a few minutes to read this article with 17 essential tips for writing a post for a successful giveaway. 


In Publication Options you can review the following:

  • Time zone. Select your timezone according to the country you are located.
  • Publication date: Indicate when you want the post to be published on your Page. If you don’t indicate a date, the post will be published immediately. Alternatively, you can program the publication date.
  • Estimated date of the giveaway: Select the date when you plan to close the participation period and pick the winners. We will send you a notification to your email as a reminder the day before with instructions of how to select the winners. It is an estimated date, which means that you can keep the giveaway open for as long as you want and pick the winners when you wish.
  • Appear in the Easypromos list: Indicate whether you want the post announcing your sweepstake to be published in the Easypromos list in order to gain greater visibility for your giveaway.



Step 2. Submit your post to Facebook

Once you have saved the changes, click on the ‘Submit to Facebook’ button to publish the post on your Facebook Page. If you have programed the publication of the post for a future date, it will appear as a programed post on your Facebook Page.



Step 3. Open the confirmation email

Finally, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the publication, the promotion ID, and other useful links with information for contacting and publishing the winners of the giveaway.


What should you do when the end of the period of participation? 

When you decide to conclude the participation period, it's time to select the winners of the giveaway. Remember that we will send you a reminder via email one day before the end date you have configured. However, you can do the selection process at any time by simply connecting to the Easypromos dashboard.

At this point, we recommend you to follow the Tutorial that will guide you through the whole selection process to obtain the winners and alternates and publish the results of the giveaway on your Facebook page. 

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