Tutorial: Sweepstakes based on Likes or Comments on a Facebook post

Easypromos enables you to run a Sweepstakes among all users who like or comment on your Facebook Page post.

The "Facebook Sweepstakes" application allows you to import participants’ information with a single click. It also gives you the chance to implement exclusion rules and omit specific users from the Sweepstakes. Once the Sweepstakes is over, you can customize a special page for announcing the prizewinners. You’ll also be able to display a certificate of validity to provide transparency.

In the Easypromos Dashboard you’ll have access to a tool for writing and publishing the Sweepstakes post.


Before we go any further, choose what stage you’re at:

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to run a Facebook Timeline Sweepstakes:



Step 1. Access the Dashboard

Access the Easypromos Dashboard via this link. If you’re not a user yet, you must create an account first. From the Dashboard you’ll be able to create and manage your promotions.



This is your Dashboard:



A) Your account information is located in the top bar. Use your account ID (preceded by the # symbol) to identify yourself when requesting help from the Support Center.

B) You’ll see three tabs listing your promotions into three types: Applications, Sweepstakes and Groups. Click on the “Sweepstakes” tab to launch your Facebook Sweepstakes.


Step 2. Set up the basic features of the Sweepstakes

Click on “Create new promotion” button to begin setting it up.



Choose the “Facebook Timeline Sweepstakes” option.


Next, choose the type of sweepstakes you want to create:


The Sweepstakes setup screen will be displayed.


First you’ll be asked to log in to Facebook. Please, log in with the Facebook account you use to manage the Facebook page where you want to organize the sweepstakes:


If you’re already logged in, a dropdown menu will appear with a list of all the different Pages you administer. Select the Page on which you want to run the Sweepstakes.


Then you’ll be shown the posts on your Facebook Page. Since you want to launch a new Sweepstakes, click on “Create a new one” to go to the Post Editor.


The application will take you to the Post Editor. Here you’ll see a template text, plus all the tools you’ll need to create your Sweepstakes post.



Step 3. Write the Sweepstakes post

Post text: Use our prepared template to write your post. Or, if you prefer, delete it and design your own post. We suggest you draw up some legal bases and include a link to them in the post. Make the most of the free Easypromos Terms and Conditions Tool to host the legal bases of your Sweepstakes and include a link to this document in your post/Sweepstakes.

Note: read this article containing 17 tips for writing a Sweepstakes post.


Image: You can use one of the predefined images together with the “Image Text” tool or you can upload your own image. The recommended measurements are 1200px X 630px: the optimal size for sharing on Facebook.

Warning! If you intend to promote the post using Facebook Ads, keep in mind that Facebook guidelines say that no more than 20% of an ad image may be taken up with text. Check that your image meets these requirements by using this Facebook tool.


General options: configure the fields in this section to finalize the setup of your post. Once you’ve filled in these fields you can save the changes and the “Send to Facebook” button will appear. If you’re happy with your Sweepstakes post, click this button. If you’re not ready yet, log out of the Editor using the arrows at the top left of the screen. The Sweepstakes will be saved as “Sweepstakes Drafts.” Use the pencil icon to return to the Post Editor whenever you like.



Step 4. Publish the Sweepstakes post to Facebook

After you’ve clicked the “Send to Facebook” button, Easypromos will publish the post to your Facebook Page on whichever date you’ve selected for publication. The participation period will begin and users will be able to participate in your promotion by liking or commenting on the post.

You’ll receive an email from Easypromos to tell you when the post has been published (including a direct link to the promotion). You’ll also receive an email reminding you that the end of the participation period is nearing and that it’s time to run the Sweepstakes.

Warning! Once you’ve published the post on your Facebook Page you’ll only be able to edit it from the Facebook Page. When the post is promoted with Facebook Ads it won’t be possible to edit it without “unpromoting” it. Facebook does allow you to edit the text; however, it is NOT possible to edit or change the image. If you want to edit the image you must delete the post and start again.


Step 5. Launch the Sweepstakes

Once the participation period of your Sweepstakes is over, you’ll need to randomly select the prizewinners and inform them that they’ve won.

A) If you created the Sweepstakes with the Easypromos tool and now wish to select the prizewinners, go back to the Dashboard and find the post in the “Sweepstakes” tab. Then go to the “Active promotions” section and click edit. Now go directly to Step 6.



B) If you created the post without using our application, but would now like to use the Winners Tool to select the prizewinners, follow the actions outlined in Step 1.

Once you’re on the Sweepstakes setup screen, click on the post you want to launch the Sweepstakes from. A Sweepstakes will be created automatically for this post. Now you’re ready for Step 6.



Step 6. Review the finalists list and export participants’ data

You’re now on the open Sweepstakes page. Beneath the title you’ll see the number of participants and the options to view and export participants’ data. From here you can also exclude participants or send them to a blacklist.

Note: The functionality of exporting the list of participants in an Excel file is available for accounts with Easypromos with a Basic subscription or above. 



Step 7. Manage and exclude users

The Facebook Sweepstakes Tool enables you to exclude users from the finalists list. You can do this in several ways:

1. Add any users engaging in bad practices to your blacklist. This will exclude them from all your Sweepstakes so you don’t have to exclude them manually each time. The blacklist is linked to your Easypromos Administrator Account and so it will always be available to you.

2. Exclusion of previous winners.Select this option if you don’t want users to be able to win more than one Sweepstakes.

3. One-off exclusion.If you only wish to exclude a user from one particular Sweepstakes because he or she has broken the rules, use this search tool to find and exclude the user manually. You can also find them from the participants list.

4. Exclusion based on hashtags in comments.This option is available when participants include hashtags in their comments. For example, when you’ve used the tool for running a Sweepstakes with hashtags and comments. We explain more about this option here.4.jpg

5. Exclusion of users that haven’t included a photo in their comment. This option is only available for Comments Sweepstakes, and it allows to filter users that have included a photo in their comments.

This option can be especially interesting to organize competitions where uploading a photo is a mandatory step to participate, for example, to organize a photo contest. This option includes the following functions:

  • Automatically exclude users without photo. Users who have not uploaded any photos in their comment will not be considered as finalists of the sweepstakes. 


  • Photo gallery. You can view all the photos uploaded by users in the comments of the post in gallery mode, to check the photos uploaded by users in a very visual and dynamic way and control the content of the images. In addition, for more control of the finalists of the sweepstakes, you have the option to exclude in a single click the images that don’t meet the requirements of the contest.


In order to allow users to include a photo in their comment, remember to set up your Facebook page with the option "Allow visitors to the Page to publish posts" and also enable the option "Allow photo and video posts". You can check this configuration by accessing your Facebook page in Settings> General> Visitor Posts. Otherwise, users will be able to comment on the sweepstakes post, but they won’t be able to include an image.




Step 8. Define the number of winners and alternates

Next, you should indicate how many winners and alternates you want. We always recommend including alternates as they can make it easier for you to distribute the prizes.


Note: the total number of winners and alternates must be less than 1,000.


Step 9. Carry out a test and activate the Sweepstakes

Before carrying out the random Sweepstakes you have a chance to carry out a test to help you learn how the tool works. Click “Select Winners” to carry out the random Sweepstakes. A Certificate of Validity will be emitted and you’ll be taken to a screen for setting up the announcement of the prizewinners. Once the Sweepstakes has been carried out, you won’t be able to repeat it. You’ll be given the chance to confirm your request to ensure you don’t launch the Sweepstakes by mistake.


Step 10. Preparing to announce the prizewinners

Now the Sweepstakes has been held, you should prepare to announce the winners and manage the distribution of prizes.



A) In the “Winners” section you can manage the prizewinners and change them if necessary.

B) In the “Claim Your Prize” section you can enable and configure this module to facilitate prizewinner management. Visit the above link to find out what this tool offers and how you can use it.

C) In the “Publication of Winners” section you have direct links to the Winners Page, as well as to the Certificate of Validity which provides transparency to the Sweepstakes. Click on the pencil icon to edit and customize the Winners Page. 


Step 11. Announce the winners

Once the Winners Page is ready, publicize it by sharing it across the social networks. You can use the “Share on social networks” button or you can copy and share the Winners Page URL directly.

If you use the “Share across the social networks” button you can choose whether you want to share it on your Profile or on your Page. For example:




Other FAQ about Facebook Sweepstakes

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