When do I pay for a promotion?

In case of individual promotions, the payment of the promotion is made at the end of the process, once you have the promotion totally configured and want to activate it. The payment is made from the administration panel of the Easypromos application.

In order to activate the promotion you must click the "Activate promotion" button from your promotion's management page:


By clicking this button, you will be directed to the activation screen, where you can enter your billing information and access the payment gateway to make the activation payment for the promotion. In this link you can check the activation price of the promotion according to the selected version (Premium or White Label).


Are you planning to activate several promotions?

In case you want to activate more than one promotion within the same month, you can purchase a monthly/annual plan, which will allow you to activate unlimited promotions while the plan is active. In this case, before activating the promotion you must first purchase the monthly/annual plan following these instructions. You must purchase the same plan version (Premium or White Label) depending on the version you have selected to create the promotion.

Once you have purchased the plan, the last step will be to activate the promotion by clicking on the "Activate promotion" button, as we explained in the first part of this tutorial. In this case, the system will detect that you have an active plan, so it will automatically activate the promotion, changing its status from draft to active.

The will be charged and billed automatically every 30 or 356 calendar days (depending on whether it's a monthly or yearly subscription) from the contract date of the plan, so payment must be made in advance of the service being provided by Easypromos. More information about Easypromos subscription plans in the following link.

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