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    Frankie Kam (#200779)

    "A user will never be able to cast more than one vote for the same photo".
    Why this restriction?

    Why can't a user submit MORE THAN ONE VOTE for the SAME photo? For example, if there were a feature or setting that allowed the user to vote only once a day for the same photo, then the user would be able to able to vote once every day, for the same photo.

    So in a competition spanning 30 days, the user will be able to log in everyday and vote once per day for his or her favourite entry (photo or essay). This will help drive traffic back to the Facebook page that hosts the contest (via the easypromosapp FB application tab on that FB page), which is what many companies wants to do (increased traffic to their corporate FB page).

    Personally, I find the rule "A user will never be able to cast more than one vote for the same photo" too restrictive. Already there are the Captcha image click-ons that the voting user must go through. Isn't that enough to verify that the user is a human? Please allow a setting that allows N number of votes per day for the same entry. That would make the contest more flexible and it would suit many organisations who run their contests in different styles.

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    Brigid Cox

    I am also interested in more than one vote per image per user. Is there anything on the horizon?

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