Fraud control on entries

To ensure that only genuine users can enter a promotion, Easypromos employs a number of measures to regulate the identification and registration of entrants.

1. Easypromos monitors the authenticity of entrants by asking them to identify themselves. Entrants can identify themselves using their email addresses or Facebook accounts.

  • Identification via Facebook account. Easypromos only admits users with verified Facebook accounts. A Facebook user is classed as verified if he or she has registered using a telephone number, valid credit card or text message.
  • Email identification. Easypromos also provides you with the option of requesting that users verify their email account to validate their entry.


2. Easypromos maintains an active database of fraudulent users. These users are blocked by the platform and prevented from participating in any promotions. This option is always active and cannot be modified.

Note: A user is classed as fraudulent when we have technical data proving that he/she has cheated in an Easypromos promotion. Cheating could include using IP changing software, purchasing votes online or attempting to use robots to automatize contest entries. Users who participate legitimately in a large number of contests are not classed as fraudulent. 

3. In Premium and White Label promotions, in Editor > Pages > Entry form > Options you can find other configurations to control fraud among participants. We explain more below.



1. Prevent blacklisted users from entering. Each Easypromos administrator can create a blacklist of users which can be updated and expanded as more contests are organized. The blacklist saves the data of Facebook users (FBUID and email), email users, Twitter users and Instagram users.


If you activate the 'Do not allow users from my blacklist to register' option, none of the users on your list will be able to enter the promotion. Make sure you write a text to display to blacklisted users when they attempt to enter.anti-fraud-options_2.jpg

Note: You must not make any reference to Easypromos in your text, or imply that Easypromos is connected in any way to the motive behind the user’s exclusion.


2. Max. entries by Browser/IP. This option enables you to limit the number of entries that a user can make from a single device. A device is identified by its browser and IP address. If a user reaches the maximum number of entries from a single Browser/IP, he or she will not be permitted to enter the promotion again.

The recommended value is three attempts. This parameter is aimed at promotions that permit one entry per user. If you wish to enable multiple entries, you can increase the value of this field so that users can enter the promotion again and again without having to change their computers/devices.

Many users enter and vote from a single device, which means that this anti-fraud control is the first thing to be triggered when a user tries to enter from multiple accounts. This option minimizes the impact of this type of fraud. 


3. Frequency of participation from the same IP. This option makes it possible to adjust the frequency with which a user can enter a promotion from the same IP address. The default value of this option is 'Medium', which allows users to enter the promotion again after 300 seconds. This option serves to minimize fraud in recruiting contests. You can change the setting to 'Low' rate if you wish to permit multiple entries during a single hour, as in ‘Winning Moment’ promotions. You can also disable this option, but we don't recommend it except when registering multiple users in a fair, congress or event with the same device.


4. Restriction to not allow disposable email domains. It consists in avoiding that users can sign up with "disposable" or temporary emails. Temporary emails can be created with different online tools and they make it possible to have an email address without having to establish a password, register, or creating an account, the only thing necessary is to make up any email address. They are disposable email addresses because they are eliminated automatically after a couple of hours. More information about this filter


From the View Entries section you can block any entrants who don’t comply with the promotion guidelines.

During the process of randomly selecting the winner you can also apply exclusions. This means that all users are allowed to enter the promotion but blacklisted participants can be excluded from the final sweepstakes. 

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