Tutorial: How to assign the prize and obtain the winner by random draw

Has the participation period of your promotion ended and it’s now time to carry out the final sweepstakes to find out who the winners are?

Easypromos offers you a comprehensive tool to help you pick the winners and alternates of a contest or promotion automatically and at random. The tool will also generate a certificate of validity which you can share with users, providing security and transparency to your promotion.

This tutorial will help you get to know all the features of this tool and learn how to make the most of it.

Note: This tool is available for all promotions created with Basic, Premium and White Label versions of the platform.

For Facebook sweepstakes based on a post, check the tutorial to pick the winners among all users who Like or Comment on a post.

For Twitter sweepstakes, check the tutorial of how to carry out a sweepstakes based on Retweets, and the tutorial of how to carry out a sweepstakes among all your Followers.

For comments-based Instagram sweepstakes, check this tutorial.

For YouTube sweepstakes, go to the Tutorial: Run a sweepstakes from comments on a YouTube video.


General functioning

The “random draw” assignment method from the ‘Winners’ section of the promotion allows you to run a random sweepstakes among all the registered users in a promotion. You can choose to either carry out a sweepstakes among all participants or you can specify a particular segment of users based on a series of criteria which define them, such as their country, time of registration, the social network they participated from, and so on. The tool includes a multi-sweepstakes mode – for carrying out multiple sweepstakes in a single promotion among different segments of users (only Premium and White Label promotions).

The tool also offers administrators the chance to assign additional participations, exclude specific users, exclude previous winners and it facilitates the quick and efficient management of winners and alternates.

Below, we go through each of these features, step by step, to ensure you don’t miss a thing.


Step 1. Access the Winners Tool

Once the participation period is over and it’s time for you to carry out the final sweepstakes, you should go to the “Winners” section in the Easypromos control panel.


On this first page you will see the sweepstakes to obtain the winners that was created when you created the “By random draw” prize while configuring the promotion. Click on “Run sweepstakes”.

Attention! If you don’t see any pending sweepstakes, it’s because you haven’t created the type of prize that you want to give away:


If this is the case, click on the “Create prize” button that will take you to the Editor > Pages > Prizes and follow the step by step guide to create a prize.


Step 2. Select the finalists

When you click the button “Run sweepstakes”, the process to select the winners and alternate winners of this sweepstakes is started. You will see the following page:


  1. Sweepstakes icon. This bar shows the type of prize assignment you’re doing. Look at the icon to identify the type of selection that you’re carrying out.
  2. Selection of finalists. In this step you can indicate the participants that enter the final draw: all that have registered or only some of them:
    • “All the participants”. Sweepstakes among all participants, excluding automatically all participants marked as ‘rejected’. This is the most common sweepstakes. Click “Continue” to go ahead with the most simple draw. GO TO STEP 3.
    • “A group of participants”. Sweepstakes from a specific segment of users. To do this, you can use the filter tool to define the segment of users you want to create for the draw. For example: only enter into the final draw users that have obtained maximum score in the quiz or users who have participated during a specific period of time. Click “Select” and learn how to select the finalists.

Sweepstakes from a group of participants

This option allows you to define a segment of users according to different criteria and carry out a sweepstakes among them. Next, the tool will show you the list of all the participants with the advanced filters to segment them and select the finalists.


1. Create the segment that you want to make them finalists of the draw. In the example: I want to give a specific prize to those who have marked the checkbox to receive the brand’s newsletter.

2. Add the filter. You can filter by the fields of the entry form that you have enabled, and also other information that we have about the activity of the participant.

Other examples of segments:

  • I’m going to give a different prize depending on country of the participant. I will segment by connection country.
  • I’m going to raffle a prize among all participants that have obtained at least 5 votes.
  • I’m going to raffle a prize among all participants that have obtained maximum score in the quiz.
  • I’m going to raffle a prize among all participants that have obtained at least 2 recruits.

It’s also possible to:

  • Arrange the users after filtering. You can arrange them by last participants, first participants, most voted, with most recruits and with maximum quiz score.
  • Limit the number of participants that you want to view. For example, to only see the 5 most voted participants and then run the sweepstakes only among them.

All these filters allow you to carry out different types of sweepstakes and give away prizes dependent on the type of users, location, days, fields checked, etc. Check out some of the most common segments that you can filter with the platform.

3. Verify that the total number of participants change. In red you will see the number of selected finalists, in black the total number of participants in the promotion.

4. Click the “Select as finalists” button. You have created your segment of finalists! The tool will now show you the next step which is to give additional entries and apply exclusions.


Step 3: Assigning additional entries

The next screen will allow you to complete the sweepstakes information to select the winners randomly. In this “Finalists” section, you can decide who enter the final prize draw, how many entries each participant has, apply rules of exclusion and indicate how many alternate winners you want to select. These are the actions you can take to finish selecting the finalists:


  1. Finalists. This number tells you the number of finalists that you have at the moment, and are those that would enter the draw.
  2. View. Allows you to see the list of participants and exclude any participant manually.
  3. Reset and select new finalists. If at some point during the selection process you make a mistake, you can use this link to delete the selection and start over.
  4. Manage additional entries. If you want to give additional entries to those that have earned it somehow according to some criterion, you can use this option.

How to give additional entries?

By default, the application will automatically assign each finalist one participation to enter the sweepstakes, but the administrator has the possibility to assign a number of additional entries, giving users who meet the requirements more chances to win the sweepstakes.

By clicking on “Manage additional entries” you will see the following options:6_additional_participations.png

1. Enter the number of additional entries (1,2,3…) depending on:

  • Number of obtained recruits: number of new participants that each user has brought to the promotion.
  • Points scored in the quiz: in trivia type quizzes and polls.
  • Number of obtained votes: number of votes obtained by the user for their entry (image, video or text).

2. Click the button “Accept and apply entries”.

3. “Add additional entries using other criteria”. Use this button to give additional entries based on other criteria. The tool will take you to the list of entries so that you can filter by any field that you have configured in the entry form as well as other information that we have about the participantes.


In this example we will give 1 additional entry to the 5 participants that registered first:

  1. We will use the filter to the start date of the promotion, arrange and limit to 5. And we verify the number of finalists that we have now of the total number of participants.
  2. We insert the number of additional entries that we want to give.
  3. We click “Continue” to go back to the winner selection process.

When the additional entries have been added, you can see the list of finalists and verify that the selected finalists now have more entries:



Step 4: Apply the rules of exclusion

On the following page you can apply different rules of exclusion of users if necessary to block those you don’t wish to enter into the final sweepstakes. Specifically, you have the following options available:

  1. Exclude users from your blacklist: You can create and manage lists of users that you don’t want to enter your sweepstakes. These users will be able to participate in future promotions, but they can be automatically excluded from your sweepstakes without them knowing.
  2. Exclude previous winners based on:
  • Promotion: if you carry out multiple sweepstakes in a single promotion, you can exclude users who have won one of the previous sweepstakes.
  • Account: exclude any user who has already won another promotion or sweepstakes that you have carried out from your account.


Step 5: Carry out the sweepstakes

The tool already knows how many winners it should select because you already indicated that when creating the prize.

  1. Add the number of alternates you want to select, in case you’re unable to contact one of the winners or need to make a last-minute substitution. The sum of the number of prizewinners and alternates must always be less than the total number of finalists. Do you want to know why it’s so important to select alternate winners? We give the answer in this blog post.
  2. You can run a test of the sweepstakes first where you will see some winners and alternates but it is not a valid result and there won’t be a certificate of validity.
  3. The moment has come to do the final sweepstakes. Click the button “Ready! Pick the winners” to run the final sweepstakes. A small pop-up window will open where you have to confirm if you accept that a public certificate of validity about the sweepstakes will be created:


On the following screen you will see the names of the definitive prizewinners and alternates. A certificate of validity will be generated automatically for the sweepstakes you have just carried out, you will have the link to the certificate here.



Step 6. Publish the Winners page

The last step is to publish the winners on your Winners page of the promotion and disseminate the result to the participants and your online community.

  • If the winners have not been published yet, you can click on “Publish now” to display them on the winners page. The box will turn green and you can get the direct URL to the page to share it through your channels:


  • If you want to edit the prizes page before or after announcing the winners to review how it looks or change some text, you can click on the link: “Edit winners page” in the box.

To finish, share the result of the sweepstakes with all your followers and contact the winners.

Do you want to customize the shared content of the prizes page?

Go to the Editor > Pages > Winners > Viral content and customize the text that will be shown when the page is shared. You can also customize the image that will be shared.



Step 7. Communicating with the winners

Below we explain some ideas to how to communicate with the winners to be able to ease the prize fulfillment management once you have the winners of your promotion.


1. Share the link to the winners page

When you have the list of the winners, we recommend to always share the result of the sweepstakes with the participants because, apart from contacting the winners individually, it’s good practice to inform publically to the rest of the participants so that all know who the lucky winners are.

You will find the link in the “Winners” section by clicking the “Share” button:


You can share this link on all of your social media channels and when users click on it, they are taken directly to the winners page where they can see or look up the name of the winner of the promotion.


2. Use the Email platform to inform all participants or only the winners by email

Once the promotion has ended, and if you ask for the email address in order to enter the promotion, a good practice is to send an email to all participants informing that the winners have now been found and include the link to the prizes page to that the users can visit the page and check out the winners. You can take advantage of the occasion to thank them for their participation in the promotion.

Below we show you some examples of emails that you can create:

  • Email to all users that have won any prize
  • Email to all users that have won a certain prize
  • Email to a specific users to send him the details of his prize
  • Email to all non-winners.

In the content of the email you can insert any characteristic of the prize using the smart tags. You can for example show the name of the prize the user has won and also customize the email with the name of the user. Check out here the most common emails that you can create and automate in the Email platform.

Note: The Email platform is not included by default in promotions created in Basic version. It can be added to the promotion as an extension for $50USD.


3. Share the Giveaway in Broadcast Mode

The "Broadcast Mode" functionality allows you to present the result of a giveaway in a dynamic format to make the announcement of the winners more entertaining and add surprise and fun to your giveaways. The platform automatically generates a video when you pick your giveaway winners. The vertical and horizontal video formats are optimized for sharing on social networks, WhatsApp, email, and other digital media.

Note: The Broadcast Mode functionality is available for all versions of the platform (Basic, Premium and White Label).

To create the presentation of the draw in Broadcast mode you must follow the steps that we indicate below:


1. Access the giveaway management page and click on the "Create" option:


2. Then, a window will open with all the options to customize the presentation. Check this tutorial to know all the configuration options you have available.

3. Finally, check out this tutorial to learn our recommendations to share the presentation with your users and communicate the result of the draw in a more dynamic and fun way.


Have you made multiple sweepstakes?

Remember that with the Sweepstakes Platform you can carry out sweepstakes among different segments of users within the same promotion. If you want to carry out another sweepstakes by selecting a different criterion (for example, if the first sweepstakes was for Twitter users, you could dedicate the second one to participants coming from Facebook), you just have to create as many types of prizes as sweepstakes you want to run from the Editor > General > Prizes.


How can I access the sweepstakes of my promotion?

By clicking on “Winners” from the menu on the left side of the main management page of the promotion.


How many sweepstakes can I carry out?

In the Premium and White Label versions you can carry out multiple sweepstakes from the same promotion – as many as the segments of users you create. In the Basic version, promotion activation includes a single sweepstakes, and if you wish to carry out additional sweepstakes, you need to have an active Basic subscription ($29/month or $290/year).


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