Tutorial: How to create a Winning Codes Promotion

The “Redeem Codes” app allows not only to limit the entry to the promotion to users that have a valid code, but also to reward participants with a direct prize depending on the code the user inserts in the entry form. This is the dynamic we call “Winning codes”, which consists of:

  1. In order to participate in the promotion the user must enter a valid and unused code in the registration form. The administrator will be able to upload the list of all valid codes from the control panel.
  2. If the code provided by the user in the entry form is a winning code, the user will be assigned a direct prize which he will see on the “thank you” page. If the user inserts a code which is not awarded, the user will see a message on the screen informing that the code did not have a prize attached to it. The administrator will be able to set up which codes are winning codes and what prize each code has assigned.


We have divided this tutorial into two steps:

  1. What the user experience will be like.
  2. How to correctly configure the application to reward only users who enter an award-winning code at the time of participating.


1. What the user experience will be like

The user experience will be as follows depending on whether they have entered a winning code or not:

a) If the user enters a winning code, a pop-up will be displayed after completing the entry form showing the user the prize he’s just won. 

b) If the user enters a code which is not a winning code, after completing the entry form he will reach the “thank you” page, where he will see a message indicating that he has not been awarded.

c) If the user enters a code that is not valid the system will redirect him back to the entry form indicating that the code is not valid, so the user won’t be registered.

d) If the user enters a code that is valid but has been registered previously, the system will redirect him back to the entry form, indicating that the code has already been used and inviting him to enter a new code.


2. How to set up the application

Here we explain all the steps you should follow in order to set up the promotion:


Step 1. Create a "Redeem Codes" promotion

The particularity of the "winning codes" dynamic is that the entry form is limited to users who have a valid code. Some of these valid codes will have an associated prize, while others will not, but all users who want to participate must enter a valid code in the entry form.

To start, create a "Redeem Codes" promotion, which will allow you to limit the entry form of the promotion to users who have a valid code:


Once the promotion is created, follow the tutorial on how to create a "Redeem Codes" promotion for the general configuration of the promotion.

Step 2. Create 2 codesets

Go to Editor > Tools > Codeset and create two different codesets:

  1. Codeset where you’ll load ALL the codes that you are going to distribute, both the winning codes and the non-winning codes. This first codeset will be used to limit the entry to only users that have a valid code.
  2. Codeset where you’ll load the winning codes ONLY.


Note: Learn step-by-step how to create a codeset to load all the codes.


Step 3. Add an 'additional text field' to the entry form

Go to Pages > Form and add an 'additional text field', which will allow participants to enter their code when they register in the promotion.

You can name this field with a copy such as “Enter your code here”, and in the settings of the field you’ll find the option “Method of validation” where you’ll need to link the field with the codeset (1) where you have loaded ALL the codes.


Note: Remember to check the option “One-time use values”.


Paso 4. Create the prize

Go to the section Editor > Pages > Prizes and create a prize with the assignation type “On registering”:


Since we want this prize to be assigned only to users who enter a winning code, we must apply a CONDITION to it, in order to configure that the prize is only assigned to users who in the "Enter your code" field in the entry form have entered one of the codes loaded in the (2) second set of codes ("WINNING Codes"):


Once the Condition is applied, you can finish configuring the prize to customize the message that will appear to the winners. Check here all the customization options that you have available.

Note: If you have several prizes to distribute, you must create a set of winning codes for each prize and link it to the corresponding prize through the Prize Conditions.


Step 5. Setting up the the winner and non-winner message

The message to winners is configured from the same prize edition screen from the "Message to winner" tab:


The message to non-winners is configured from Editor > Pages > Thank you > Non-winners message:


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