2018-09-01 - Show "My Networks" on the Thank you page

With the objective to help give more visibility to the organizing brands' social network channels, all new promotions now incorporate the option to show the "My Networks" module in the Thank you page. When this option has been selected, on the last page of the promotion the users will see the social network buttons that have been configured in the section: Editor > General > My Networks in the promotion.


To show "My Networks" on the Thank you page of the promotion, you should follow these steps: 

1. First of all, make sure you have configured the social networks that you want to show. To do this, go to Editor > General > My Networks and add the networks:



Note: Here you can see all the available options to customize "My Networks"

2. Next, go to Editor > Pages > Thank you and tick the box "Do you want to display My Networks?"



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