Coming soon: the BASIC Pro plan

On September 17th, we’re launching the new BASIC PRO plan.

BASIC PRO includes a range of new features, such as Multi-Network giveaways, Twitter reply giveaways, and much more. Use the Multi-Network app to run giveaways for users across different social networks.

You can now run quick giveaways on social media with the BASIC or BASIC PRO plan. Discover the features available and compare the different plans here

If you already have a monthly or annual BASIC plan, then you’re in luck! From September 17th, you’ll enjoy all the advantages of a BASIC PRO plan, at no added cost. Yes, that’s right! We’re giving you all the benefits of a BASIC PRO plan, for a BASIC price.

So long as your subscription is active, you’ll only have to pay the current rate of 29€ a month, or 290€ a year. We’ll take care of updating your plan - you don’t need to do anything.

If you have any questions about BASIC PRO, please get in touch with us via email:


Do you have a monthly BASIC plan?

Switch to the annual plan now to save 2 months! Here’s how to save money and time:

  1. Cancel your current monthly plan. Follow the steps.
  2. Choose your new plan, and select “annual subscription”. Follow the steps to confirm your subscription.

Note: If you need an alternative payment method for your plan, get in touch at and we’ll be happy to help.

Have you deactivated automatic renewal?

Reactivate your BASIC plan before it's too late. Offer ends on 17th September!

Note: To activate automatic renewal, click on "Plans" in your Control Panel, then "Reactivate".


I don't have an active BASIC plan. How can I get one?

If you still don't have a BASIC plan connected to your account, here's how to activate it:

1. Go to "Plans" in the Control Panel.

2. Click the green "Add a new plan" button, and select BASIC.

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