Tutorial: How to add participants to the giveaway from social profiles that I'm not an admin of

The Multi-Network Giveaway app allows you to add participants from social profiles that you're not an admin of, to a giveaway that you've created. The system will let you send an invitation to the admin of the profile that you want to import participants from so that the admin can select the post and add it to the giveaway.

This feature is ideal in the following situations: 

  1. Co-branded giveaways: 2 or more brands that organize a joint giveaway, and each brand post about the giveaway on their social networks.
  2. Giveaway with influencers: Brands that use an influencer to promote their products through a giveaway.
  3. Giveaways with sponsored posts: In some cases, the dissemination of the giveaway is made through sponsored posts and it's the advertising agency that administers the ads account and they don't want to give access to the client.

What you should know before beginning:

  • The system to send invitations to external collaborators is only available in the Multi-Network app which is available with the Basic PRO plan ($49/49€) or superior.
  • This application can be used to import participants from the following:
    • Facebook comments
    • Instagram comments
    • Twitter replies
    • YouTube comments

This tutorial describes the process of inviting an external collaborator in order to import participants from a social media profile that you're not an admin of.


Contents of this tutorial


Step 1. Access the control panel

Access the Easypromos Control Panel from this link. If you're not an Easypromos user, create an account and sign in to the control panel to create and manage your promotions.


Step 2. Create the Multi-Network Giveaway

Next, click on the "Create new promotion" button to start setting up your giveaway:


Now select "Multi-Network Giveaway":


Next, enter the organizer and the title of the giveaway and continue to step 3.


Step 3. Import posts from profiles you're an administrator of

The first step is to import the post from the social media profile that you are an admin of and that you want to include in the giveaway. To do that, follow these steps:

1. Select the social network where the post is published.

2. Next, you can select the giveaway post to import the participants.


3. On the right, you will see the posts that have been included in the giveaway. When you have selected all the posts from the profiles you're an admin of, click 'Continue':


4. When you click 'Continue' the comments from the selected posts will be imported.

5. When the participants have been imported, we get to the next step where we can send the invitation to the collaborator that we want to add to the giveaway.


Step 4. Import posts from profiles you're not an admin of

To be able to add posts from social media profiles that you're not an admin of, you need to send an invitation to the admin of the profile to give him collaborator permission. This will allow him to connect to his account and select the giveaway post so that the system can import the participants.

Note: It's not necessary for the collaborator to have an Easypromos account.

Here we'll explain the steps you should follow to send the invitation:

1. From the configuration page of the giveaway, click on the button "Create an invitation" that you will find in the bottom right corner of the page:


2. A pop-up window will open to create the invitation link where you should select the social network where the collaborator's giveaway post is published and the name of the collaborator:


3. Click on "Continue" and automatically, the invitation link will be generated to share with the person who's the admin of the profile that you want to add the post from. Copy the link and send it to the collaborator:


4. Once the collaborator has given you access and selected the post, the post will appear in the list of posts of the giveaway and its participants will be added to the giveaway.


5. Additionally, you can click on "View" to see the final list of participants where you will be able to see the origin of each imported user:


Step 5. Finalization of the giveaway and the next steps

When all the participants of the giveaway have been imported, you can continue to select the winners. To do that, you can follow the Multi-Network Giveaway tutorial from step 3.


Practical case: How to carry out a giveaway only with a post from a social media profile that you're not an admin of

By default, to be able to import participants from a post on a profile you're not an admin of, the system asks you to first select at least one post from a profile that you are an admin of. But if the giveaway is run only from a post on a profile that you're not an admin of (it could be the case of a brand that runs a giveaway with an influencer to promote their product), here we'll explain the steps you should follow:


1. Select a post from a profile you're an admin of.

Note: It can be any post but it should have at least one comment.

2. Once selected and you continue, click on "View" to exclude the comments from the post so that they don't enter in the giveaway).

3. Finally, follow step 4 in this tutorial to import the post from the profile you're not an admin of and continue with the configuration of the giveaway.


How to help your external collaborators to accept the invitation and add their post to the giveaway

The external collaborators in your giveaway don’t need to have an Easypromos account, they only need to open the invitation link that you will send to them and follow the steps shown on the screen. Even so, it might be a good idea that you help the collaborator so that the process is done correctly.

The steps that the collaborators need to follow are:

  1. Open the invitation link that you’ll send to them. This link will open in a browser window.
  2. Now, the first thing to do is to connect with the social network profile (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube) where the giveaway post that should be added to the giveaway is published.
    Note: If it’s an Instagram post, the collaborator should connect with a Facebook profile that is an admin of the Facebook page that is linked to the Instagram business profile where the post is published.
  3. Once connected to the profile, the system will show a list of the posts on the profile. The collaborators only need to click to select the post they want to add to the giveaway. The post will be marked as selected in the top corner of the screen when it’s been added correctly.
  4. If the collaborators need to add a promoted post, they should click on the option “Add a promoted post or an Ad (dark posts)” which will allow them to connect with their ads account to select the post.
  5. Finally, when the post has been added to the giveaway, the last thing the collaborator needs to do is to click on the “Continue” button in the top right corner to begin to import the comments. A message will let the collaborator know when the import process has finished, which means that the comments from the post have been added to the giveaway and the administrator will be able to see them.

You can see the whole process in the following video: 

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