Tutorial: Assigning prizes 'On Participating'

One of the ways you can assign prizes in Easypromos is "On Participating". This means that a user can win a direct prize just by participating in the promotion. It's a way of assigning prizes that you can use when you have several prizes, for example coupons, small prizes, etc. where the objective is to award a user's action directly. This action can be to take a survey, answer a quiz, give their email address at a trade show stand, etc.

Assigning direct prizes implies many considerations that we will address in this guide:


Can I define the number of prizes or can I put unlimited units?

Yes, you can define the number of prizes you have to give away. There can be cases where you'd rather indicate an unlimited number of prizes, for example if the prize is a discount coupon. The system allows you to put either a specific number of units or unlimited units for each prize.


Can I customize how the users will see the prize?

The users will see their prize as a pop-up on top of the Thank you page. In the editor of the prize, you can configure the graphic elements of the pop-up: Title, image/gif/video of the prize, description, sharing texts, instructions, and other design elements such as text alignment and background image.

If the prize is a coupon or a unique code, the code assigned to the user will also be shown in the pop-up. If the prize is a coupon and you enable the option to make it downloadable, a link to download the coupon as PDF will appear. The platform will generate the PDF automatically and you can edit the coupon to customize it to match your brand image.



Can I give unique promotional codes as direct prizes?

Yes, that's possible. You can get more information on this type of direct prizes here.


Can I apply assignment conditions for the different prizes?

Yes, you can condition the assignment of the prizes based on the user's signup data. You can, for example, assign prize 1 if the user selects option A in one of the fields. Or give prize 2 according to a quiz score.



Can I give away different direct prizes?

Yes, you can create different "On Participating" prizes in the same promotion.


How are the prizes assigned if there's more than one prize with direct assignment?

If several "On Participating" prizes have been configured and after applying the prize conditions, one user is set to receive more than one prize, the system will assign the user only one prize, and it will be done randomly from the remaining units of prizes.


  • I've created one 'On Participating' prize with direct assignment of 10 t-shirts. 3 units have already been given away so there are 7 unassigned t-shirts left.
  • I've created another 'OnParticipating' prize with direct assignment of 20 mugs. 8 units have already been given away so there are 12 unassigned mugs left.
  • I've also created a third 'OnParticipating' prize with direct assignment of 30 pens. 10 units have already been given away so there are 20 unassigned pens left.

When a user participates, the system will select a random prize among the 7 t-shirts, 12 mugs, and 20 pens. It's 100% random, so the remaining number of prizes of each type corresponds directly to the probability that the user will be assigned one prize or another.

Note: A prize with unlimited units will always be assigned. It will not enter in the random prize assignment.


What's the difference between a direct prize and an Instant win prize? Can they be combined?

An Instant Win prize is also a direct prize but the assignment is based on the date/hour/minute/second when a user participates. It's necessary to define an Instant win time for each unit of an 'Instant Win' prize. The first user to participate after this date/hour/minute/second will be assigned the prize.

You can combine 'On Participating' prizes with 'Instant Win' prizes in the same promotion. You can check the option of 'Participants can only win once' in the Instant Win tool so that the system will only assign the 'Instant Win' prize and not the direct 'On Participating' prizes.

Combine the 'On Participating' prizes with 'Instant Win' prizes for better control of when the most valuable prizes will be given. The most common scenario is having smaller prizes for all or many users that participate and only a few prizes of higher value. In this case you would:

  • Create the prizes of less value as 'On Participating' prizes.
  • Create the more valuable prizes as 'Instant Win' prizes, and select the date/hour/minute/second for assigning each one of them. Optionally, you can check the option of 'Participants can only win once' if you don't want the winners of the big prizes to also win the smaller prize. 
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