2019-10-28 - New Games and Spin the Wheel statistics

The statistics section of the Easypromos promotions has incorporated new stats that can help the admins evaluate and measure the performance of the Games and Spin the Wheel promotions. We've added the following new stats:


1. Games stats

In the Puzzle, Memory, Wordsearch and Hidden Objects applications, the platform offers insights about the registered users' activity in the game. The specific game stats are:

  • Total Games played. This number ndicates the total number of games played in the promotion. The graph shows the total number of solved games and the total number of unsolved games and the percentage each represents of the total number of games played.
  • Total Time played. Here you can see the total time played, the average time per game, the average movements per game and the average number of games per user.



2. Spin the Wheel stats

In the Spin the Wheel promotions, the platform offers the following insights:

  • Total number of spins. This number indicates the total number of spins on the prize wheel. You can check the number of spins on the prize wheel per day as well as the total number of spins during the entire promotion period.

  • Assigned prizes. The total number of prizes that have been assigned in the promotion and the percentage that each prize represents of the total number of prizes are shown in a graph.



Here you can see all the information about the statistics you can obtain about the performance of your promotion.


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