2020-03-16 - New Login system

The Easypromos games (Puzzle, Memory, Match It, Wordsearch, and Hidden Objects) now have the new Login system incorporated which offers the following points of improvement:


1. More login options

The administrator can choose the options they want to give the users to log in to the promotion. These are the available options:

  • Facebook Login. The users identify with their personal Facebook account.
  • Google Login: The users identify with a Google account.
  • Email: The users identify by entering their email address.

Furthermore, the new Login system makes it mandatory for the users to identify before participating in the promotion.


2. Improved security

In the login process, it's possible to add the option of email validation so that users need to validate their email address to be able to participate. This is available for all three login options.

Likewise, we've also added security options to the Login: to not allow disposable email domains, restrict to certain email domains, restrict from users on the blacklist, etc. 


3. More Gameplay options

The login system gives the option of enabling multi-participation in the games to add more gamification and competition by establishing a number of participations per user and the frequency of these.


Here you can see what the user experience is like and learn how to set up the Login and multi-participation.

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