Tutorial: Managing the Login system and multi-participation

The Login system, available in the Easypromos Games (Puzzle, Memory, Match It, Wordsearch, and Hidden Objects), makes it mandatory for the users to register first before participating in the promotion. It's possible to identify with a Facebook profile, a Google account or an email address. If it's the first time the user registers, they will have to complete the registration form and accept the terms & conditions and privacy policy of the promotion.

At the same time, the Login system gives the option of enabling multi-participation in the games and the administrator can that way add even more gamification and competition to the promotion since they can decide the number of participations they want to grant to each user, in the entire promotion, per day or per hour.

Below, we will explain how the Login system is set up and what the user experience is like when participating in a game with multi-participation:


What is the user experience like?

1. To be able to play the game, the user needs to identify.

2. If it's the first time the user participates, the next step is to complete the registration form and accept the terms & conditions and privacy policy. When the form is submitted, the user session will be generated so that the user can play.

3. Each time the user wants to participate again, their user session is recovered, which means that they can participate again without registering again.

4. The user can participate as many times as the administrator has set up in the game. The users can see their participations in the game to see how many times they have played and how many participations they have left, as well as their score in each of the rounds and their maximum score.


5. The system will create a ranking where the names of the registered users and their score in the different rounds of the game.


Which settings can you change?

The Login system offers the administrator different configuration options to add gamification and gameplay to the game that will foment competition between the participating users.

The administrator can configure these aspects:


1. User identification options

The administrator can choose the options they want to give the users to log in to the promotion. These are the available options:

  1. Facebook Login: The users identify with their personal Facebook account. When identifying, the users need to authorize a Facebook app and accept permissions. They will only be asked for permission for the email address. An Easypromos Facebook app will be used for Premium promotions. For White Label promotions, the administrators can set up their own Facebook app for the Login.
  2. Google Login: The users will identify with a Google account. When identifying, the users need to authorize a Google app and accept permissions. At this time, the administrators can't set up their own Google app for the Login.
  3. Email: The users identify by entering their email address. For this option, it's very advisable to enable the option of "Validate email". After identifying, the users will receive an email with a link with direct access to the participation. This way, it's ensured that the email address is valid and that the participating user is, in fact, the owner of the address.



Is it advisable to enable the email validation option for social login?

If the objective of the promotion is to collect quality email leads, then we recommend that you enable the email validation option for the Facebook Login. Many users won't remember with which email address they registered their Facebook account. When they use the Facebook login, they can change the email address in the registration form after identifying with the  Facebook account.


Login security options

It's possible to apply the following security measures in the Login process: 

  • Restrict access by country. This is based on geolocation.
  • Restrict by age. This will enable a pop-up for the user to select their birthdate.
  • Not allow disposable email domains. By default, domains that have been identified as disposable domains, are not allowed.
  • Restrict access for email domains. It's possible to add domains that are allowed and also domains that are not allowed. You can, for example, add a company email domain so that only employees of that company can participate.
  • Not allow users from the blacklist to participate. You can create a blacklist in your Easypromos account.
  • Use one-time links: when the email address had been validated, a new access link is sent to the user. By default, this link is valid during the entire promotion period. You can enable the option that the links are marked as invalid after the first use. The users will receive an email with a new link to access each time they identify in the game.



Graphic customization options

The administrator can customize a text and a header image for the Login screen. The styles and the background image is taken from the general design set-up of the promotion. You can see all the design customization options available here.


2. Registration form fields and legal texts

If it's the first time the user identifies in the game, the next step, before participating, is to fill in the registration form with the data the administrator requires, and it's also necessary to accept the terms & conditions and the privacy policy.

The administrator can customize the registration form with any type of field and can modify the texts and the images of the promotion.


Here you can learn how to set up the legal texts of the promotion.


3. Number of participations and frequency of participation

From the menu section "Participations" in the Editor, you can configure the number of participations you want to assign to the users. To do so, you need to create a new participation stage and edit the gameplay settings. 

From this section, the administrators have a panel where they can configure the number of times the users can participate in the game, and also the frequency of participation: each hour, each day, or in total during the promotion period.


These set-up options enable the administrator to adapt the game to the desired difficulty and competition level because the users can play several times per day, for example, and they can keep playing during the days of the promotion with a limited number of chances. All the rounds played are added to the same registered user that will appear with their highest score in the player ranking.


4. Keep the participants engaged through email

In games with multi-participation, it's vital to keep the participants engaged and interested all the way through the duration of the game to keep the players XXX the game. To achieve this, the administrator can use the Email Platform to contact the registered users and schedule reminder emails to encourage them to play again each day of the game for a chance to obtain an incentive, for example, more entries in the final prize draw.

Try the user experience of a game with multi-participation in our Puzzle.


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