2020-07-16 - New prize assignment type in the Spin the Wheel promotions: "Instant Win"

Until now, the prizes in the Spin the Wheel promotions were assigned according to the probability/odds of the wheel, meaning that the probability of winning a prize is determined by the setup of the prize wheel, as it depends on the number of segments the wheel has.

However, in some cases, the administrator may need to have more control over when the prizes are assigned. To meet this need, we've incorporated the option of changing the prize assignment type of the wheel to assignment by "Instant Win".


How does this prize assignment type work?

With this prize type, the assignment is not done according to probability, but according to the date and time that the administrator schedules for each prize unit. To do so, the administrator has to define a date and a time when each prize unit will be allocated in the Instant Win tool.

In the Editor of the promotion, the administrator can change the type of prize assignment in the wheel to "Instant win" and then needs to go to the "Instant Win" tool to set up the date and time that each prize unit will be given.



When is this option recommended?

  • When the prize wheel has more participants than prizes. For example:
    • Long-running Spin the Wheel campaigns with few prizes.
    • Prize wheels that are published and shared on social media and you expect a lot of participation.
  • When you want to have complete control over when each prize and to be able to distribute them evenly over the duration of the promotion.

Check out the tutorial about how the prize assignment in the wheel works and how to create the "Instant Win" prizes.

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