Quizzes - How can I customize the viral content of the quiz result?

Promotions based on questionnaires have final results which are customized according to the answers given or points received. The final page of these types of promotions can be configured so that users can publish the message of their result

To customize how the questionnaire result is going to be displayed when shared as a viral message, follow these steps:

1. Enter the “Editor” of the promotion:


2. Go to Quiz > Final messages and here you can create as many final messages as you wish.


3. Configure the final message options: these allow you to configure how the final page of the promotion will be presented. You can customize the text (1) and the image (2). 


4. Configure the viral content: for each final message you should fill in the viral content. This is composed of:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Twitter
  • Instant Messaging Apps
  • Viral image 


In this way, users can disseminate their questionnaire result across the different social networks. This is how it will look when they publish their result in Facebook: 


5. In order to configure the promotion so that this content can be shared from the final page follow this tutorial.

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