Tutorial: How to configure a Redeem your Code promotion

If you’d like to set up a registration form for users to leave their personal details in exchange for a code giving them access to an online promotion and the chance to win exclusive gifts and discounts, follow the steps below: 

Step 1. Create the promotion 

Step 2. Upload the your code

Step 3. Personalize the texts and images of each screen

Step 4. Customize the design

Step 5. Introduce the terms and conditions

Step 6. Configure the My Networks module and the promotion footer

Step 7. Customize viral content

Step 8. Check the advanced configurations

Step 9. Communicate with participants via the emails platform

Step 10. Preview the promotion

Step 11. Activate the promotion

Step 12. Publish the promotion

Step 13. Disseminate the promotion

Step 14. Manage the promotion while it is still active

Step 15. Access the statistics

Step 16. Use the tool to carry out a random sweepstakes


How to create a “Validate Your Code” promotion:

STEP 1. Create the promotion

1. Access the Easypromos Dashboard via this link: http://admin.easypromosapp.com. Log in with your Facebook Profile. From the Dashboard you can create and manage your promotions.

2. Create a new promotion using the “Create New Promotion” button.

3. You’ll be presented with the products available. Choose “Validate Your Code” to set up an online promotion in which participants register to obtain codes for gifts or discounts.

4. Go to step 2. Choose the version (Premium or White Label) and click “Continue”

5. You’ve created your promotion! In the background you’ll see the Promotion Management Page. A pop-up window will ask you to fill in some fields to help with the preconfiguration. If you are not interested in doing this, click “Skip this step”.



  • Default language: We’ll suggest a default language in which to display the promotion contents. Change this language to meet your requirements.

  • Country. You can select the target country for the promotion. The platform will then filter entries so that only users registered from an IP corresponding to the target country or countries will be selected. Find more information here.

  • Would you like to link this promotion to a Facebook Page? If you’d like to link the promotion to a Facebook Page you can do so here. This enables you to preconfigure certain promotion options to help you.

6. After saving or skipping this step you’ll find yourself in the Promotion Management Page. Here you can find all the options for setting up your promotion. These are the most relevant sections:



 STEP 2. Insert and set up the codes 

The next and most important step is to insert in the application all valid codes to participate. This way, the system will verify if the code that the user writes in the form is one of the codes that you have loaded in the application or not. This means that only users with a valid code will be able to finish the registration process.

The process to create the codes and set up the way to validate them is divided into 2 steps:

Step 1: Create a codeset

First of all, you’ll need to create a codeset where you’ll be able to load all valid codes to participate. If you need to create a large amount of codes, you must create them in batches of 20,000 (with a maximum limit of 2 million codes).

In order to create the codes, follow the steps below:

1. Access the “Editor” from the promotion management page.

2. Display the menu and locate in the “Options” section the “Codeset” part. Then, click on the “New codeset” button to start loading the codes:

3. In the “Codeset options” screen you’ll be able to create your codeset and load all the codes that you want to distribute.

In particular, you’ll be able to load all the codes by just copying and pasting the codes directly into the corresponding field.

Considerations to take into account:

  • You’ll be able to load all the codes in batches of 20,000 (with a maximum limit of 2 million codes). 
  • You’ll be able to add new codes at any time by accessing the Codeset options screen again. 

Step 2: Add the text field in the registration form where users will write their code

The next important step is to add a field in the registration form where users will be able to write their code in order to be validated to register in the promotion.
In order to add the additional text field, follow the steps below:

1. Without leaving the Editor, go to Edit > Entry Form page and add an "Additional Text Field". Complete the following sections of the text field:

a) Title: Write the title of the text field. This is the text that will be displayed as the title of the field in the registry form, for instance: "Write your code here".

b) Short title: This is the name that will be displayed as the title of the corresponding column within the Excel file.

c) Text length field: You can decide the size of the text box available for the users to write their codes. 

d) Method of validation: This option allows you to validate the code that the user will write in the entry form. For the “Redeem your code” app choose “By a codeset” as method of validation, and then below select the codeset you’ve created in the previous step.

Note: You can choose “By a regular expression” as a method of validation if your codes can be validated by a pattern. For example: you can create a regular expression to validate with a rule that the code entered by the user is only numeric and has 10 digits. Or another rule could be: only 6-character codes, only lowercases letters are valid and the first letter is a “z”.

e) One-time use values: When enabling this option, the application will check if the values introduced by the user are valid and, additionally, they haven't been previously registered by another user.

f) Mark it as a mandatory field: Mark the text field as mandatory, this way users will need to write their code to be validated by the application.

g) Make this custom field public: In this type of application is not necessary to activate this field, since entries are not public (name and information of the users).


STEP 3. Customize the text and images for each screen.

The platform comes with many features already configured according to the type of application you’ve chosen.

From this point onwards, you can concentrate on customizing the texts and images of the promotion, as well as the colors and typography options.

1. From "Editor" go to the first section – “Edit” – and set up the texts and images for each screen of the promotion:

A) Home Page. 

- Change the provisional title for one that best describes your promotion. These tips can help you if you’re unsure.

- Configure the texts and upload an 810px wide x 450px high image to give the page greater dynamism.

- In the “Description” we suggest you explain the mechanics of the contest so that participants understand what they must do to take part. In Premium and White Label versions you can also customize the “Participate” and “See Participants” buttons.

B) Registration Form. 

Add any fields you wish participants to complete to the Registration Form. You can also customize the text and header image. In Premium and White Label versions you can fill in the form with all the additional fields, dropdown menus and checkboxes you require. See all the Registration Form options here.

C) Thank You Page.

You’ll be able to see the code as it will be displayed to participants on the final page. Now, finish customizing the page with a final image (optional) and a thank you message.



You can also customize:

  • Text to encourage users to share. To the left of the first share button there’s a customizable text. Use this to encourage participants to share the promotion.

  • Final button text and link. Complete both fields to enable this second button so that when participants click on it they’ll be taken to an external website.

Note: download the Easypromos Design Guide and you’ll have all the image measurements you’ll need to create your promotion.

STEP 4. Customize the design

Adjust the colors of the buttons and promotion sections to fit the look and feel of your brand, product and/or campaign. You can also choose between various typographies, upload a background image and enter customized CSS styles (with the White Label version).

If you’d like to know more about how these sections work:

STEP 5. Enter the Legal Bases

Enter the Legal Bases with an explanation of all the aspects concerning the promotion, sweepstakes or contest. These legal bases will be accessible to participants via a button on the Home Page of the promotion, as well as from a link on every page of the promotion. 

Learn more about what should be covered in the Legal Bases of your promotion.

STEP 6. Configure the My Networks sections and the promotion footer

The “My Networks” section allows you to totally customize the screen that is displayed to the participant before finalizing registration. This gives you the opportunity to encourage participants to like a Facebook Page. You can suggest as many Facebook Pages or Twitter accounts as you wish. Learn more about how to set this up here.

You can also customize the promotion footer text, or deactivate it if you prefer. This is a banner that is displayed at the bottom of each page of the promotion. When participants click on it they will be taken to the “My Networks” section. More information here.


STEP 7. Customize viral content

This section is very important if you wish to achieve good virality for your promotion. The viral content is the message that is shown when the participant shares the promotion with friends, inviting them to take part. You’ll be able to customize the message to fit the channel through which participants choose to share the promotion.


You should fill in the following sections:

A) Options

  • What do you want participants to share? When a participant finishes the registration process he or she will automatically be shown the viral recruiting content. It’s not necessary for you to modify this field.

  • Viral image. This is the image that accompanies the text to be shared. To ensure that this is the correct size for sharing on social media we recommend that it be 1200px wide by 630px high. This same image will be shared across Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. If you do not upload a specific image for this section the main promotion image will be shared instead.

B) Generic content. The viral text that will be shared across the social networks when the participant shares the promotion via the share button on the main page, the registration form and the gallery header. Learn how to set it up here.

C) Recruitment. This is the default content for sharing on social media from the final page of the promotion. Learn how to set it up.

STEP 8. Review advanced settings

To create a promotion for distributing codes, check the settings of the following sections: “Log in” and “Participations”:

  • Log in. Review the way in which participants log in to the promotion. We recommend that you don’t force users to log in via Facebook.

  • Participations. This section is already preset according to the most common options for a code promotion. Review all the options for modifying them, and, if necessary, adapt them to your promotion.


STEP 9. Communicate with participants via the Emails Platform

If you need to communicate with participants during and after the promotion you can use this section to create, personalize and send emails.

In this type of promotion the Emails Platform can be very useful because it allows you to set up automatic emails to send participants:

  1. Thanking them for taking part upon registration.

  2. Sending them the promotional code.

  3. Sending an email to all participants confirming that the promotion is over and thanking them for their participation.

Learn how to create an email with the Platform to communicate with participants from the start and generate virality.

Important! The platform provides a "smart tags" feature which enables you to configure customized emails. Use the "smart tag" {{user_promotional_code}} to display the promotional code that has been assigned to each participant. If you also wish to display it in QR or barcode format, use the smart tag {{user_barcode}} and the QR and barcode will be displayed in the body of the email.

STEP 10. Preview your promotion

From this section you can see how your promotion is shaping up. Please keep in mind that the preview version is for viewing only: it’s not operational. This means that you can go from one screen to another without having to fill in certain fields. If you want to test the operation of the app, you need to activate the promotion and protect it in order to carry out tests in a closed group. We explain this here.  


STEP 11. Activate the promotion

Once you’ve set up all the different features of the promotion you can pay for and activate it from the Promotion Management Page. More information here.

STEP 12. Publish the promotion

Although your promotion will now be active, there’s just one more step: publishing it. Upon creating the contest, a URL is generated. This is the main promotion link. By default, this link leads to a microsite where the promotion is displayed. In addition, you can publish the sweepstakes or promotion to a Facebook Page or embed it into your blog or website. Manage where you want to publish it from using the “Publish” button. More information about this step. 

STEP 13. Share the promotion

It’s also a good idea to share the promotion across a number of channels. Always use the main promotion link: it’s the only one compatible with any type of device.

You can share the promotion via the following methods:

  • With the main promotion link.

  • With the “Share” button on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

  • Creating a featured campaign. This means that your promotion will be included in Easypromos’s selection of featured campaigns. The featured campaigns have an additional cost which is calculated per day of the campaign. If you’d like to create a featured campaign, check out this tutorial.

We also recommend you read this article with 14 basic steps for sharing and drawing attention to your campaign on your Facebook Page.

Step 14. Manage the promotion while it is still active

While the promotion is active you can monitor and manage the participants and the codes that are being validated. In particular, you’ll be able to monitor the activity of your promotion from two different sections:

1. From the Editor > Settings > Codeset: From here you’ll be able to check the list of codes that are being validated by users. In particular, you’ll have tools to:

  • See and filter by the assignment status of the codes.
  • See the name of the user that has validated each code and access from here the individual entry of each assignment.
  • Add new codes to the codeset or delete codes that have not been validated yet. 
  • Sort the list of codes by the insertion date (ascending or descending order).

2. From the “View entries” section within the promotion management page, where you’ll be able to:

Note: Information about participants will be available even when the promotion has finished.

You’ll also be able to know which code has been validated by each user, and this information will also be included in the Excel/CSV file together with the information of the users registered.


STEP 15. Check the promotion statistics

Access the “Statistics” section to find out more about the evolution of participants and their interaction with the application. This information will be available as soon as the first participant has registered and even after the promotion has finished. Learn more about the information you can gather from this section.

STEP 16. Final sweepstakes and publication of winners (optional)

If, as well as distributing codes, you wish to carry out a final sweepstakes among all participants, you can use the Winners Tool. This optional, free tool enables you to select one or more winners, plus alternates. You can set this up after the registration period.



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